Flensted Mobile, Scandinavian Swans Maximize

Flensted Mobile, Scandinavian Swans

The Scandinavian Swans Mobile from Flensted. 

Five swans soaring above your little one's cot or bed, and taking their imagination to new flights too.

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One of the earliest Flensted mobiles, and still being made today, Scandinavian Swans is a lovely mobile to hang above your baby's cot or in the nursery.

Assembled and balanced by hand and ready to hang in any room, from baby's room to the den or even the conservatory.

Flensted mobiles are created so that the elements are in constant motion while the entire mobile maintains a harmonic balance. 

A beautiful present, it makes a long lasting gift that can be treasured for years.

Produced in Denmark by a family run business using traditional methods and local employees.

Design: Christian Flensted
Size: 55 x 45cm
Material: Card on delicate steel hangers.